I’m a writer based in Buffalo, New York. Prior to moving here in 2009, I worked for newspapers in Las Vegas, Southern California, Seattle, Newark (New Jersey) and Allentown (Pennsylvania). Today, from my home on the Great Lakes, I use ink and pixels to tell vivid, thought-provoking stories.

I’m not available for assignments right now, but I’d be happy to put you in touch with other reporters in Buffalo who are interested in freelance opportunities.


Send me an email
Find me @charlottehsu


Profiles & Features

LA Weekly | Forever Scared: An Innocent Man’s Endless Search for an Alibi
The Buffalo Story Project | The Rookie: Chinese and in the NFL
The Buffalo Story Project | December at the Ralph: Heartbreak, Hope and the Buffalo Bills
The Buffalo Story Project | The 8,500-Pound Question: An Elephant Died at the Zoo. Now What?
The Buffalo Story Project | Goodbye, Stranger: The Sad, Joyful, Morbid, Thrilling World of Estate Sales
The Buffalo Story Project | St. Matthew’s Church Is Falling Apart. Who Will Save It?
The Buffalo Story Project | Entomologist/Exterminator: Two Bug Lovers’ Curious Destiny
Las Vegas Sun | Small-Town Sports: He’s Got ’em Covered

Deadline & News Reporting:

Las Vegas Sun | New Nursing Schools Struggle
Las Vegas Sun | Open Records of State Nursing Board Aren’t So Open
Las Vegas Sun | Funding for Moapa Valley’s Only College to Dry Up
Las Vegas Sun | UNLV Research Park Running Through Cash, Still Empty
Las Vegas Sun | A $15,736.20 Desk (and Peninsula)
Las Vegas Sun | Richardson Camp Ready for New Hero
The Seattle Times | Not Many Workers Want to Do the Puyallup as a Job


Block Club Magazine | Treasure and Trash, an Essay on Estate Sales
The Buffalo News | A Pandemic Under Silver Skies
Unpublished | Year of the Rat
Unpublished | Let’s Block Out All of the Sunshine
Unpublished | Naked and Afraid: A Quarantine Story
Unpublished | Echo: The Spring and Summer of 2020
Unpublished | Let’s Talk About Battlestar Galactica

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