Hello, my name is Charlotte. I’m a writer in Buffalo, N.Y. I came here in 2009 by way of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and many other places. I moved here because I was following a boy. To my surprise, I fell in love not only with him, but with the Rust Belt, too.

Other things I like include maps, whiskey, languages, the desert, snow, cosmology and the San Francisco 49ers. My favorite authors are Milan Kundera, Italo Calvino and Thomas Pynchon. My favorite book is “Against the Day.”

Though I make a living using words, I believe math is the language that best describes the world around us. My dad is a physicist who makes radiation detectors, and perhaps because of his influence, I have loved science ever since I was small.

This blog is a repository for my thoughts, and a home for my online portfolio.


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