Charlotte Hsu’s Digital Portfolio

I’m a reporter and multimedia producer based in Buffalo, N.Y. My specialties include features writing and science writing. Prior to moving here in 2009, I worked for newspapers in Las Vegas, Southern California, Seattle, Newark, N.J. and Allentown, Pa. Today, from my home on the Great Lakes, I use ink and pixels to tell vivid, thought-provoking stories.

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Artvoice | Murder on May Street: Who Killed Joseph Thomas Jr.?
The Buffalo Story Project | Bennett’s Best: What’s It Like to Be Valedictorian of a Persistently Low-Achieving School?
The Buffalo Story Project | Hunting Monsters, Chasing Ghosts
Las Vegas Sun | How Three Iraq Tours Changed One Marine
LA Weekly | Forever Scared: An Innocent Man’s Endless Search for an Alibi
The Buffalo Story Project | Disgrace: St. Matthew’s Church Is Falling Apart. Who Will Save It?


Las Vegas Sun | New Nursing Schools Struggle
Las Vegas Sun | Open Records of State Nursing Board Aren’t So Open
Las Vegas Sun | Funding for Moapa Valley’s Only College to Dry Up
Daily Bruin (UCLA) | Flooding, Dust and Delays for Weyburn Residents
Daily Bruin (UCLA) | Mishaps Costly to Weyburn Terrace

Deadline Reporting

Las Vegas Sun | Richardson Camp Ready for New Hero
Las Vegas Sun | Take a Long Look at Frazier Hall
The Seattle Times | Not Many Workers Want to Do the Puyallup as a Job
The Morning Call (Allentown) | Man Shot Fatally in Rooming House


Artvoice (Buffalo)| The 8,500-Pound Question
The Buffalo Story Project | How Did You Get That Pear in There?

Digital Projects

The Buffalo Story Project | The Buffalo Story Project is a place for long-form, magazine-style stories about Buffalo and Western New York. The site has two main purposes: to give outsiders a glimpse into the Rust Belt, and to help Buffalonians discover their city in a new light. I created The Buffalo Story Project in 2009. Since then, my work on it has included reporting, writing, posting content and tweaking the design using CSS. I also produce the site’s audio and video features.

George Cohan’s Stories | This piece from the Las Vegas Sun is close to my heart because Mr. Cohan showed me the true wonder of a good story. The audio clips in the story feature Mr. Cohan holding forth on his experiences in faraway places. The audio is simple, but it’s lovely to hear his voice. It brings a depth to the story that text alone could not achieve. I used this same technique in a more recent article about another storyteller, paranormal investigator Joe Nickell: Hunting Monsters, Chasing Ghosts.

University at Buffalo Home Page | In June 2011, the University at Buffalo relaunched its home page, I led content development for this project, working with a creative team to produce the home page and sister pages. I’ve also helped develop the concepts for several online story packages. This one, on two of Western New York’s greatest scientists, uses timelines to present a chronology of the two men’s lives. And this one employs a Q&A and slide show to explore a remarkable home renovation in Buffalo’s Black Rock neighborhood.


A Mother’s Cooking | Sixteen-year-old Zayra Pagan became an orphan in 2011, when her mother’s boyfriend stabbed her mother to death. Zayra witnessed the murder and suffered severe injuries herself. In this audio slide show, she talks about how learning to cook her mother’s food brings her comfort. I recorded the audio, directed the photo shoot, and used iMovie to stitch these components together into a story.

Riffing With UB’s Student Entrepreneurs | Students at the University at Buffalo talk about how they came to start their businesses in this lighthearted video. I conducted the interviews and completed a first cut of the video on Final Cut X before handing it off to a second editor.

The Next Generation in Space | In November 2012, the University at Buffalo’s chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) hosted the nation’s largest student-run space conference. In this video, members discuss what inspired their love for space and what they think the future holds for space exploration. I conducted the interviews and completed a first cut of the video on Final Cut X before handing it off to a second editor.

Closing a Cold Case | The phone call that Joseph Thomas Sr. had been waiting for since August 2003 finally came this March. After more than seven years, police had finally solved his son’s murder. In this audio slide show, Thomas talks about violence in the city of Buffalo and losing his child. I recorded the audio, directed the photo shoot, and used iMovie to stitch these components together into a story.


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